Hope Schools Athletics

Hope Schools offers many sports including Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Cheerleading. Students in grades 9-12 play High School sports and grades 6-8 play Junior High sports (6th does not participate in football).

High School Coaches

Football: Jeff Hostetter, Joe Ross, Adam Flowers

Volleyball: Marlene Teeter, Adam Sobba

Boys Basketball: Joe Ross, Tevor Smail

Girls Basketball: Kane Hensley, Marlene Teeter

Track: Adam Sobba, Kane Hensley, Nancy Brockmeier

Junior High Coaches

Football: Steve Riedy, Tyler Sisson

Volleyball: Nancy Brockmeier, Kim Sanford

Boys Basketball: Tyler Sisson, Ryan Ayers

Girls Basketball: Adam Sobba,

Track: Adam Sobba, Kane Hensley, Nancy Brockmeier

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