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Scholarship and Financial Aid Information

Scholarships and financial aid can often reduce the amount of money you or your family expends for your college education. If you know what college you plan to attend, check that school’s website or visit with a representative regarding scholarship opportunities.

November 1st is an important date to be aware of as it is the priority deadline for scholarships to many Kansas Universities.

Helpful Links

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“No Essay” College Scholarship
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Guide to College Scholarships

Scholarship scam warning signs:

  • you have to pay a fee
  • money-back offers or guarantees
  • credit card of bank account information required
  • provides “exclusive” information
To report scams, contact:
National Fraud Information Center (NFIC)–
State Attorney General’s Office–File your complaint with the Consumer Protection Division in your state. (Visit to find your state Attorney General’s Office)
Better Business Bureau (BBB)–file an online complaint at or call 703.276.0100

Scholarship Search Databases

National scholarship databases do exist but please be wary of anyone who asks for money to search for scholarships. These are most likely scams. A few reputable databases and resource websites are:

The Simple Dollar
High Five Scholarships.

Best Scholarships

Children of Military Veterans are encouraged to look on the website for scholarship information.

For information on disabled student resources, visit


Scholarship Info

I begin receiving scholarship information in September and will post such in the high school hallway and on this website as it arrives. Please see list below for scholarship opportunities.

  • Diagnosis Delayed Scholarship –  Student must be enrolled in a medical or legal program at the date of application, be a US citizen, No minimum GPA.  Website
  • The ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha Foundation Scholarship) – National Scholarships are available for seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher, OR a minimum score of 22 on the ACT. Students need to be enrolled at a Technical College. Criteria for the selection are Character, Leadership, Service, Financial Need, Scholastic Ability, and Special Criteria that is set by the scholarship donor. Applications and information are available on the following website: Click on: Sign up for the 2018-19 Scholarships. Apply in September
  • Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs – For students in financial need and currently in their senior year of high school. Deadline October 25
  • Hagan Scholarship – Requirements: HS GPA of 3.50 or higher, Score 23 or higher (composite score) on ACT, You must complete a FAFSA in order to apply for this scholarship. The Hagan Scholarship Foundation seeks to provide scholarships to high achieving students in need of financial asst. in order to attend college. Students will graduate from a public high school in a MO or KS county having fewer than 50,000 residents. The dollar amount of each Hagan scholarship will vary up to $10,000 per year and is annually renewable for up to three additional years if the recipient fulfills the renewal criteria. For more information, go to:
  • Kansas City Associated Equipment Distributors Scholarship – To be eligible for this scholarship the student must plan on attending a vocational/technical school and be pursuing a certificate or associates degree in Diesel Mechanics or Heavy Equipment Repair. See Mrs. Gursky for an application.
  • Kansas Elks Association Scholarship – This scholarship opportunity is for Kansas High School seniors. Applications are available in Mrs. Gursky’s office as well as at in the scholarship section. Deadline is December 7
  •  NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award – This scholarship opportunity is for seniors who have run or developed their own small business. Visit for more information. Deadline is December 17. 
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Scholarship – This scholarship opportunity involves eligible seniors writing a 500 word (or less) essay on a provided topic. The essay must be written in front of Mrs. Gursky. For more information, see Mrs. Gursky. Deadline November 15.
  • National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship – Students must have a 3.0 GPA, pursuing a degree at a Junior College, Community College, Technical College, College or University. Students must support the preservation of hunting tradition and actively participate in hunting sports. A copy of your current hunting license is required. Students must submit an essay and autobiography exhibiting dedication to conservation. Three letters of recommendation must be attached to the application from a teacher, counselor, or community leader. Each Local Scholarship Winner receives a minimum of $250, State/Provincial Scholarship Winner will receive a minimum of $1,000 and the National Scholarship Winner will receive $10,000. If interested, please see me for information and applications. Deadline: January 1
  • FIRE (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) essay contest scholarship – High-school seniors from across the U.S. are invited to write an in-depth essay explaining why free speech and First Amendment rights are crucial to higher education and how abuses of these rights harm the college experience.  For more information and an application, go to: FIRE will accept essay contest entries from August 1 to January 1, 2014.
    • First Place: One student will receive a $5,000 college scholarship.
    • Second Place: One student will receive a $2,500 college scholarship.
    • Runners Up: Five students will receive $1,000 college scholarships.
  • J.F.K Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Available to high school seniors. Student must submit and essay on an act of political courage by a U.S. elected official. For more information, visit Deadline for essay submission is January 5.
  • Burger King McLamore Foundations Scholarship – Available to high school seniors. Online application available at Deadline: January 10
  • Acacia Leadership Scholarship – Applicants must be males who plan on attending Kansas State University in the fall of 2014. To be awarded the scholarship, students must fill out the application as well as complete an interview in the spring. See Mrs. Gursky for application or visit
  • Phi Kappa Theta Man of Faith Scholarship – This scholarship is open to senior male students who plan to attend Kansas State University. Award opportunity of up to $1,000. See Mrs. Gursky for application or visit Deadline is January 31
  • Penwell-Gabel Tradition of Caring Nursing Scholarship – This scholarship is open to high school seniors pursuing nursing or pre-nursing as a course of study. Scholarship reward is up to $1,000. See Mrs. Gursky for a application. Deadline is January 31.
  • AXA Achievement Community Scholarship – available to high school seniors. Visit to learn more and apply. Deadline: February 1
  • The SportQuest Playing With Purpose Scholarship Program is a national program that honors and encourages high school student athletes who excel athletically, academically and have committed their life to following Christ. Through scholarships, college exposure, community and national recognition, and more, we want to see them succeed and make a difference in this world. The Playing With Purpose message encourages athletes to serve rather than being served, to lead with humility and engage culture.  Apply at: Application Deadline: February 1st.  Applying student athletes must meet ALL of the following criteria:
    • 1. Currently a high school sophomore, junior or senior
    • 2. Maintains a minimum “C” grade average or higher
    • 3. Currently a varsity level athlete in one or more sports
    • 4. A committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Epsilon Sigma Alpha Scholarships – The ESA Foundation awards numerous scholarships annually, you do not have to be an ESA member to apply for a scholarship, and our application process is online. To begin searching for scholarships, click on this link: Deadline: February 2
  • Hy-vee Foundation Scholarship – To be eligible student must work for or have a parent who currently works for Hy-vee. Application available in Mrs. Gursky’s office. Deadline is February 10th.
  • National Co-op Scholarship Program – To be eligible a student must apply to one of the 10 colleges within the co-op and fill out the application. Deadline February 14
  • Director of Plant Facilities Scholarship – This scholarship opportunity is for seniors who plan on attending a Kansas college and have a parent or guardian who is a custodial worker. Apply online at Deadline is February 15.
  • Ivy Monk Scholarship
  • The Reilly Family Agriculture Scholarship– This Scholarship is for a second year student that is attending a 4 year Kansas College pursuing a degree in Agriculture field.
  • Foundation for Rural Service College Scholarship Program – Seniors whose parents receive local telecommunications service and are a current NTCA member. Students have to be accepted by an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school. “C” GPA or higher, however deserving students whose academic credentials fall within an average to above-average range will only be considered. Express an interest to return to a rural community following college graduation, and be sponsored by a contributor to, or supported of the Foundation for Rural Service. If you are interested, please see Mrs.Gursky for more information and the application. Deadline: March 1st
  • KGFA Scholarship – Each year, KGFA awards $10,500 in scholarships to deserving high school students to help relieve the financial burden on their families. Nine scholarships are offered: one $500 Dub & Inez Johnson, four $500 KGFA Scholarships, one $1,000 John Cranor Memorial Scholarship (chosen by KSU), and seven $1,000 KGFA Scholarships. Due March 2.
  • The Tri-County Telephone Association, Inc. Scholarship Program – Seniors whose parents or legal guardians are members of the Tri-County Association. Students are eligible if their parents’ phone number begins with one of the following prefixes in the 785 area code: 257, 349, 366, 466, 479, 482, 598, 949, 965, and 983. In the 620 area code, phone numbers must begin with the prefixes of 924, or 787. Cellular phone numbers are excluded. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and are planning to attend a four-year college, university, junior college, or trade school in the fall. If you are interested, please see Mrs. Gursky for more information and the application. 
  • Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship – Students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to be eligible Students must also have demonstrated leadership through community service or extra-curricular activities. Financial need is also another requirement; therefore a copy of the FAFSA is needed. Deadline is March 31
  • KS Society of Certified Public Accountants Scholarship –
  • LaVerne Allen Nursing Scholarship – If you are passionate about the Nursing field and are wanting to make a difference in the world of nursing, then please log onto our website at Select the “Services” tab and then the “Education” tab to download the flyers and applications. This opportunity could not only change their life, but could open doors to a world full of endless possibilities. Due date: March 31
  • Janice Scott Scholarship–  Due date: March 31
  • Kansas State Scholarship – A student must complete the Kansas Board of Regents Scholars Curriculum. The FAFSA must be completed and the winners will be designated by the Kansas Board of Regents. Deadline is May 1st.
  • DCRW Scholarship application DCRW Scholarship application 2021 
  • Aspiring Pharmacy Technician Scholarship – We are offering high school seniors the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a pharmacology career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  We ask that you have interested students visit our website,  to find eligibility information along with the online application link/form that is found on the right side of the page. The deadline for application is June 1.
  • Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship – This is a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a fashion degree at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  Interested students can visit this link and find the scholarship located at the bottom of the pageThe deadline for this application is June 1.
  • Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship – We are offering high school seniors the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college. We ask that you have interested students visit our website, to find eligibility information along with the online application. The scholarship will be on the right side of the page. The deadline for this application is June 1.
  • Denver Recovery Center Essay Scholarship- Denver Recovery Center believes that high school and college students play a strong role in creating and maintaining a healthier future. Through your knowledge, we can reduce substance abuse and addiction across the board. If you have a similar vision for the future as we do, we want to hear from you.
    Please write a short essay telling us about how you’re fighting or planning on fighting addiction and substance abuse. Your contribution could be anything from majoring in psychology to helping a loved one get the treatment he or she needs. Whatever your role, we can’t wait to hear from you.
    The scholarship is a $500 and the deadline is June 30th 2019
  • Hope Community/Education Endowment Association Scholarship – Due April 1st.  Click Here for Application.
  • County Weed Directors Association of Kansas Scholarship – These two $250 scholarship opportunities are available to seniors with a GPA or 3.0 or above and who plan on majoring in agriculture or plant science from a Kansas college or University. Deadline is February 1
  • KMCA Foundation Scholarship – The Kansas Motor Carriers Association Foundation will award a scholarship to a senior based upon their academic achievements, community involvement and financial need. Advantage will be given to those seeking a degree in a transportation related field. Application is in Mrs. Gursky’s office. Deadline is April 1
  • Keith Hoffman Memorial Scholarship – Eligibility Criteria:
    • 1. Applicant must be a current graduating senior of any high school in DK County.
    • 2. Applicant must have earned a min. of 3.0 cummulative GPA, validated by the school.
    • 3. Applicant must have earned a varsity letter in any competitive sport.
    • See Mrs. Kasten for an application.
  •  Dickinson County Farm Bureau Scholarship – Awarded to high school seniors whose parents are members in good standing of Dickinson County Farm Bureau.  Deadline is March 13
  •  Modern Millies Extension Education Unit – Requirements: Any Dickinson County high school senior.  To be used for any KS post-secondary program. Preference will be given to students related to any DK County Extension Education Unit member. Deadline is May 1
  •  Ethel Startzman Memorial Agriculture Scholarship – Criteria: Resident of DK county, agriculture related major, other judging criteria-academics, leadership involvement, financial need. Deadline is April 1
  • Conservation Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to encourage qualified students to increase their interest in conservation, to obtain technical competence in some phase of conservation, and to pursue a career in this area of endeavor. Must be: a resident of DK county, 2.5 GPA, enroll as a full time students in an agricultural or natural resource conservation related curriculum such as agronomy, range management, forestry, geography, agriculture journalism, agriculture education, and wildlife management. Other areas of study related to conservation also apply. Deadline is March 3
  •  DeBruce Companies Scholarship Program – This scholarship is intended to assist students that are planning to major in some form of agriculture, crop or animal field.  Deadline is April 2
  •  Dickinson County Extension Education Unit Council Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship – Any full-time student at any college or university maintaining residency in Dickinson County and majoring in any area of family and consumer sciences is eligible. Deadline is April 1
  • Community Foundation of Dickinson County Scholarships – For applications, Click Here. The deadline for all of the community foundation scholarships is March 14th. 
  •  The Dave and Maxine Ballantyne Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduating high school seniors from Abilene, Chapman or Hope High School who will attend college, junior college, or a vocational technical institution. The recipient will have been involved in academic or athletic extracurricular activities and have exhibited good moral character. Preference may be given to applicants who are engaged in or have ties to farming and/or agriculture. Must have 2.5 GPA.
  • The Verl and Betty Eckman Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduates of a Dickinson county high school who have expressed an intent to obtain a degree in the nursing field, either an LPN, associate degree RN or bachelor degree RN. Must have a 3.2 GPA.
  •  The Loren Engel Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduates of a Dickinson county high school who have served as an officer in their high school FFA chapter and are attending a four-year college, community college or vocational school. Must have a 2.5 GPA.
  •  Lavonne Geist Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is for any graduate of a Dickinson County high school who plans to study history, museum science, or any social science field.
  •  The Donald C. Rorabaugh Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduating high school seniors and graduates of a Dickinson County High School who have expressed intent to obtain a degree in a medical related field. Health related professions include, but are not limited to: pre-med, nursing, physical therapy, radiological technology, and laboratory technology.
  • Louise and M.J. Frey Family Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to individuals with good character who are planning on career development activities such as technical college, apprentice training, or participation in an on-the-job training program. Applicants may be planning for their first job, advancement in their current work, or a change of career.
  • The Mark Mayden Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to benefit a graduating senior of a Dickinson County high school, or a former Dickinson County graduate in their first or second year of studies at a Kansas college or technical college.
  • The Mike Rankin Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduating seniors or previous graduates of Dickinson County high schools who have a strong academic record and who are pursuing a program of study at an accredited technical college. Preference is given to students seeking certification in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration or Plumbing trades.
  • The Nold Scholarship – This scholarship is intended to assist graduating seniors of Dickinson County public, private, or home high schools who have strong scholastic records and who have committed to attending Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas, for their college education. The award is also strongly based on financial need.
  • The Walter J. Finn Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is intended for graduating seniors or former graduates of Dickinson County High Schools, or GED recipients with ties to Dickinson County, who seek higher education for a trade, including but not limited to diesel mechanics, criminal justice, firefighting, EMTs, paramedics, nursing, and cosmetology.
  • The Woodrow and Esther Tyrell Scholarship – This scholarship, based strongly upon financial need, has the potential of being a $16,000 award. Recipients will be awarded $2,000 on August 15 of the fall semester, and an additional $2,000 may be awarded on January 15 to each recipient who continues to qualify. Maximum of $16,000, awarded based upon qualification, will be for eight (8) successive $2,000 scholarships.
  • Oscar Stauffer Scholarship Oscar Stauffer was born in Hope, Ks in 1886. Mr. Stauffer was the founder of Stauffer Communications and owned twenty newspapers, two tv stations, nine radio stations and several affiliated operations in 11 states.
  1. Open to any graduating Hope Public High School
  2. This Scholarship is totally separate from any scholarship offered by colleges in Kansas
  3. Two $500 scholarships will be awarded to qualified applicants
  4. Point system for determining scholarship recipients is based on:
    1. GPA during four years of high school
    2. Extracurricular activities participation
    3. Family adjusted gross income
    4. Number of Children in family
  5. Applicant must specify if applying for higher formal education scholarship or vocational education scholarship

Up to one scholarship will be awarded to each category provided a sufficient number of eligible applicants are qualified for higher education scholarships and vocational education scholarship.

Should less than one applicant be eligible for any one type of scholarship, both scholarships ma be awarded to the remaining category.

  1. The scholarship agreement form plus other pertinent information scholarship or vocational education scholarship
  2. Recipient receives check for $250 for the first semester
  3. When recipient presents verification of paid enrollment to the district office for the second semester, recipient receives $250 check. Verification of a 2.5 GPA for the first semester is required.
  4. Preference is given to present graduating seniors with provisions that if there is not a eligible graduating senior, the award shall be given to past graduates if not more than four years, with the most recent graduate being given first consideration.
  • The Howard Family Scholarship – This is a one time gift of $2,000.00 to the winning recipient. One scholarship awarded per school calendar year. Answer the following questions in an essay format: “What does a post secondary education mean to you and what would it have meant to your parent(s)? Also, how will this scholarship help you to
    achieve your educational goals?”  Essay submission deadline: April 15. 

    •  Requirements:
      • From Dickinson County
      • 25 years of age or under
      • Have a deceased parent
      • Plan to attend, or currently attending, post secondary education of any type (4 year college; vocational school; cosmetology school; community college etc.) within the next school year.
  • American Legion Scholarships – The American Legion has made all of their scholarships available online. To view and print applications, go to Kansas American Legion and click on “scholarships” link. Deadlines vary.
  • Kansas Board of Education Teacher Education Scholarship – State Scholarship for those seniors going into the Education field. Must demonstrate achievement on the ACT and be in the upper 10% of your class. for more information, go to: Deadlines vary.
  • ECKAN (East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation) Scholarship – Senior’s family income level must be 125% or less of poverty level guidelines
    Stop by the counseling office for more information & application or visit website for info.
    $500 award.
  • Imagine American Foundation Scholarships
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