Home Game Concessions

Concessions are available for all home sporting events.  During football/volleyball season, the concession stand will be located near the football field.  During basketball, the concession stand will be located in the breezeway in the hallway near the old gym.

Concession Prices

$2.00 – Pop, Gatorade, Water
$2.00 – Nachos
$1.00 – Candy Bars
$0.75 – Popcorn
Some groups may offer other items such as hot dogs, baked goods, chili, etc.  Prices are set by group and may vary.

Concessions Schedule

Sept 15 – JHFB vs Canton-Galva – HS Girls Basketball Team
Sept 23 – HSFB vs Clifton Clyde – Junior Class
Oct 8 – Homecoming HSFB vs Hill City – Freshman Class
Oct 13 – JHFB/VB vs Tescott – FBLA
Oct 17 – JHVB League Tourney – Senior Class
Oct 18 – HSVB Hope Quad – Sophomore Class
Dec 1 – JHBB vs Little River – 8th Grade Class
Dec 2 – HSBB vs Canton-Galva – Sophomore Class
Jan 10 – HSBB vs Elyria – Seniors
Jan 12 – JHBB vs Solomon – Freshman Class
Feb 17 – Homecoming HSBB vs Mission Valley – Junior Class

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